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Why does ReadCube look fuzzy on my high resolution display?

Note that this article refers to the ReadCube (legacy) desktop application. We will be releasing a brand new version of ReadCube Papers for OS X and Windows soon!

If you’re using a Windows computer with a very high resolution display (e.g. HiDPI, “retina”), ReadCube may look fuzzy/blurry. This is due to the automatic scaling used by Windows to adjust apps for your display.

You can manually disable this to allow ReadCube to run at native resolution, which means the app interface and PDFs will display sharply. However, please note that disabling scaling also means that the app’s user interface will be much smaller at native resolution. We recommend you try it out – it’s very simple to toggle scaling on/off:

- Quit the ReadCube app.

- Right click on the ReadCube shortcut icon and select Properties.

- Click on the Compatibility tab.

- In the Settings area, check “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

- Click OK.

Now restart ReadCube and see if you prefer the native resolution display. If not, just repeat the above steps to uncheck the setting. 

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