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ReadCube fails/crashes/freezes when importing many articles

When first starting ReadCube and importing articles from your computer, or when simply moving a new massive folder of articles from your computer into your library, your program will sometimes slow down or even freeze entirely. You may notice that ReadCube is consuming a ton of memory. This is because our importing process is more than just moving files into your library: ReadCube is automatically configured to search various search engines for relevant information needed to enhance your PDFs (i.e. supplements, metadata).

Here's a few tips to stop your program from crashing:

  • First, avoid importing things other than articles, as ReadCube won't be able to resolve those articles' metadata. Normally, once imported, articles will give you their abstract and title information while clicked in your library. They also have the potential to be enhanced, allowing you to write notes/highlight them. Without metadata, this is impossible.
  • Move your PDFs into your ReadCube library in smaller groups. Rather than importing every single PDF all at once, import groups of 30-40 instead.
  • Leave the computer on for a day or so when you have time and turn every connector back on, making sure to check the general tab of your preferences, and to check the "Automatically match unresolved articles while idle." This will take some time, so do this when your computer is going to be idle for a while.

If you have any further issues, shoot us an e-mail at

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