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I keep getting error messages every time I try to sync. Help!

Sometimes users will encounter various error messages while trying to sync.  These can occur when you press the sync button or while your ReadCube client is uploading/downloading client to/from our cloud server.

These error messages most typically appear because of an internet connectivity issue.  The first way to check if this is the case is to make sure your ReadCube client is getting internet access (try doing a PubMed or Google Scholar search - if you can get results through ReadCube, your client is successfully connecting to the internet).  Another common reason for sync to fail is that your internet connection is unstable.  This is typically due to using a public or very busy network - syncing has your computer moving a lot of data through the internet, so spotty internet connections are likely to make the process fail.  A good way to test  your connection is to test it at and look for spikes in connectivity, as well as an overall number of how fast you can download/upload.  

If you know you have a reliable internet connection and are still having sync problems, please contact support at

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