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I can't view my paid ReadCube content

Once you've rented or purchased content, the very last thing we at ReadCube Papers want is for you to not have immediate access to that content - especially with time sensitive rentals.

However, often times certain settings on your web browser can prevent you from viewing your content, even after you've purchased it; sometimes you'll see the first page but the rest will be blurry as though you have not made the purchase. Other times, random pages will appear blank.

To fix this, head into your browser of choice and check under preferences. Below is an example of how this appears in Safari:

Once third party cookies have been enabled, simply refresh your browser and then log in to your ReadCube account page. Your purchased content should now be fully visible.

However, if you are still unable to view your content, third party extensions may the the cause. Below, again, is where this option appears within Safari:

Temporarily disable any extensions then refresh, log in, and attempt to view your content once more.  

If the issue persists, please attempt to load your content within a totally different browser, being sure that all third party cookies are enabled.

If you still cannot access your paid content or are unsure of where to locate the above options within your browser, please feel free to reach out to us at ReadCube Support.

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