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Release Notes for Papers 3 - Version 3.4.4 (485) Beta

This is a pre-release beta version of Papers for Mac, intended for testing upcoming features and gathering feedback. Before updating to a pre-release version of Papers for Mac, please make a backup of your Papers Library. If you experience any issues, or have any feedback, please contact our support team.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications regarding pre-release versions of Papers for Mac, you can opt-out via the menu: Papers ▸ Preferences ▸ General.


  • Updates CSL styles.
  • Removes option to upload your libraries for matching.


  • Restores the loupe icon in the library search field.
  • Papers will remember if you choose "Selected Papers Only" as your export scope.


  • The import date property of the publication item class is now writable
  • Added read-only support for collections:
    • Walk the hierarchy of both manual and smart collections, i.e., list all top-level collections and get their child collections (and again their parents).
    • Get the publications contained in a collection.
    • Rename collections.
    • Get all the manual collections that contain a publication.
    • Filter publications by the name of their collections. i.e., get only those publications which are contained. in manual collections matching a certain name.


Changes in Version 3.4.4 (481)


  • It is now possible to open Papers libraries by dragging them onto the Papers application icon.
  • Improved the appearance of the inspector.
  • Adds advanced configuration options for administrators managing Papers installations inside of an institution. Learn more on our knowledge base.


  • It is now possible to search using the ACM search engine again.
  • Papers will no longer crash when filtering certain fields.
  • Resolves a crash when importing exceptionally large Papers 2 libraries.

Changes in Version 3.4.4 (469)

New Features

Matching UI

  • Need to access your PDFs while matching? We now present the matching panel as a floating window (rather than a popover), so you can move or resize the panel as you wish.
  • You can also add queries to match searches by control-clicking on content in the reader view, then selecting "Match with Selection" from the context menu.
The new matching panel, and the matching context menu


  • Papers now uses HTTPS when checking for updates.
  • Papers will now leave full screen mode when placed into a mode that doesn't support full screen.
  • The search token popover will now follow the main Papers window if it is moved or resized.

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