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Release Notes for Papers 3 - version 3.2.10 (309) beta

Performance & Stability

  • Syncing: Reduced CPU usage during syncing.
  • General: Resolves an occasional crash when quitting the application.

Changes from the previous 3.2.10 (302) beta release

New Features

  • Metadata: Entering a PMID or PMCID in the Info Inspector or "Open Location" menu option now fetches publication metadata.

Performance & Stability

  • Syncing: Resolves a cause of library changes not being applied during syncing in rare circumstances.
  • Syncing: Resolves a cause of missing publications and/or incomplete metadata changes during syncing in certain circumstances.
  • Citations: Now includes support for Microsoft Word 2016 Preview.
  • Citations: Publications cited in a Microsoft Word document that are not present in the Library are now correctly suggested for importing into the Library.
  • Citations: Missing publications that have been imported to the Library are now shown as present after the import finishes.
  • Citations: Missing publications that have been imported to the Library are now shown in the "All Papers" collection as well as the "Last Import" collection without requiring an app restart.
  • Citations: The search bar is no longer presented on top of the logo when "Reduce Transparency" is checked in System Preferences.
  • Metadata: PDF files are now automatically downloaded when importing PubMed Central articles to the Library.
  • Reader: Resolves a UI glitch that could occur when rotating a page of a PDF.
  • Reader: No longer impossible to rotate a PDF page back to its default rotation.
  • Library: Several improvements to the "Watched Folders" feature.
  • Licensing: A user eligible for a site license now sees the prompt message immediately after completing the "Getting Started" process, rather than on a subsequent application launch.
  • Application menus: More consistent UI responsiveness to contextual menus throughout the app.

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