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ReadCube Chrome Extension Release Notes

Version 1.34 (22/11/17)

  • Fixes: issue with reference detection

Version 1.32 (4/10/17)

  • Fixes: some OA content are imported but the extension button doesn’t accurately update status
  • Fixes: changing reference type clears metadata fields in the import screen
  • Improves extension button display of an article’s status in your personal library
  • More under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.31 (28/9/17)

  • Fixes problem with Google Scholar importing
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.30 (15/9/17)

  • Improves detection and import of references on publisher websites

Version 1.29 (21/2/17)

  • NEW for Teams: the integrated ReadCube button will now indicate whether the reference exists in a shared library - click the dropdown caret to see which library/list, click the arrows to go to that location in your web library

Version 1.27 (18/1/17)

  • Fixed: “In Library” status button not linking directly to the specific article in your web library

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