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ReadCube Desktop Release Notes

This document lists changes to the ReadCube desktop app by version number (most recent updates first).

Version 2.33.14309 (12/7/17)

  • Fixes issue with erroneous PDFs being attached to search imports from some publishers

Version 2.33.14258 (9/29/2017)

  • Fixes Google Scholar search (stemming from a recent Google-side change)

Version 2.32.14230 (9/5/2017)

  • Compatibility update for Mac High Sierra OS - addresses issue with PDF viewing

Version 2.32.14195 (7/26/2017)

  • Improved behavior of library sorting - references that are not fully resolved (e.g. manually created) are now correctly sorted if the required metadata are present
  • Improved opening/resuming of PDF reading

Version 2.31.14162 (6/28/2017)

  • Fixed: blurry PDF display on retina screens- fixed: issue with Recommendations not showing all library lists in the dropdown menu- added message for failed loading of an imported csl style- other minor fixes

Version 2.30.14034 (4/18/2017)

  • Fixed: problem with the introduction video not playing; now opens in the web browser
  • Improved syncing
  • Improved coverage of pdf enhancements to more articles
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.29.13972 (2/6/2017)

  • Fixed an issue with cloud syncing

Version 2.28.13964 (1/31/2017)

  • NEW: try our next-gen Recommendation engine (new setting in Preferences-Connectors)
  • Improved printing, added notification of document preparation
  • Added alert when attempting import of an invalid XML file
  • Other minor improvements

Version 2.27.13929 (1/13/2017)

  • Fixed: Asian language pack does not complete installation- fixed: right click to Create Note annotation in a PDF- improved automatic PDF identification

Version 2.26.13884 (12/12/2016)

  • Fixed: smartcite bug (OS X), erroneous space at the end of an inserted citation
  • Fixed: smartcite recognition of open documents when more than one version of Word is installed
  • Fixed: missing Download from Web buttons on Google Search results
  • Improved handling of article View on Web links in Google Search results
  • Added ability to limit connectivity alert messages when using the app offline
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 2.26.13848 (11/22/2016)

  • Added ISBN field for assisted PDF identification (“Help readcube Resolve Article”)
  • Fixed: missing URL and date for web page references imported with the browser extension
  • Fixed: readcube search not working when linked from article Mentions

Version 2.25.13797 (10/24/2016)

  • Fixed: Google Scholar option is added back to the author Enhancements and assisted PDF identification features
  • Fixed: support for pubmed https in finding/downloading articles
  • Fixed: issue with Automatic File Management and long file names

Version 2.24.13765 (10/4/2016)

  • Fixed: ezproxy authentication for PDF download access
  • Fixed: Google Scholar search not working
  • Fixed: missing pdfs when File Management is enabled in certain scenarios
  • Improved indexing of large PDF files
  • Improved behavior of duplicate merging (any duplicate imported PDF will be attached to the original reference as a Supplement file)
  • Improved display of metadata, if present, for unmatched references

Version 2.22.13732 (9/20/2016)

  • Mac OS Sierra (v10.12) compatibility update
  • Improved bib file export and import
  • Fixed: library indexing stall and status display
  • Fixed: issues with citation graphs in the article Advanced Metrics panel
  • Fixed: deletion of items in a parent list after copying them from a sublist and then deleting the sublist

* Note Mac OS v10.6 is no longer supported

Version 2.22.13630 (8/12/2016)

  • Fixed a bug with library indexing hanging and remaining incomplete
  • Fixed an issue where a pdf import could remain pending
  • Fixed issues with page numbers and urls in bib file imports
  • Improved bib file import/export to include pmid/pmcid
  • Improved switching user accounts within the same app installation

Version 2.21.13609 (8/1/2016)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause references to disappear if deleted and re-downloaded
  • Fixed a bug with manual resolution of unidentified references synced from the mobile app
  • Fixed an issue with automatic file management not being able to move files containing certain special characters
  • Optimized performance, improved app launch speed
  • Improved auto identification of imported PDFs

Version 2.20.13532 (7/6/2016)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause lists to empty when starting the ReadCube app from SmartCite
  • Fixed a bug with PDF annotations syncing from the ReadCube web reader
  • Fixed a crash related to expiration of rental articles
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tag duplication in the menu panel when non-English characters are used
  • Fixed a bug with citation counts display in the Metrics article panel
  • Fixed a bug with PDF notes editor popups not being dismissible sometimes
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of journal names with .ris imports
  • Added import support for additional .ris types
  • Improved automatic PDF downloads within app Search
  • Improved searching by DOI in the built-in ReadCube Search engine
  • Improved display of long article titles in SmartCite
  • Improved displaying of connection error messages when offline
  • Improved support for “Case” reference type syncing/citing
  • Added clickable caret icons to parent lists and Tags menu when the list is expandable/collapsible
  • List nesting is limited to 2 levels under a parent list

Version 2.19.13413 (5/4/2016)

  • Bug fix for publication years set as zeros in.bib file exports
  • Bug fix for no journal article reference types not being correctly displayed in the metadata editing form
  • Improved enhanced pdf support for additional publishers, including American physical society
  • Improved syncing of manually created references between the desktop and web apps
  • Improved the advanced metrics article panel
  • Additional bug fixes
  • New notification if the app is not able to connect to our servers (for example, due to antivirus or firewall software)

Version 2.18.13353 (4/15/2016)

  • Added the ability to reattempt batch identification of multiple pdfs select one or more unidentified references and click the “autoresolve Articles” button in the right panel (limited to 100 articles at a time)
  • Fixed an issue with importing attached pdfs when using xml library export files from other reference managers, including Papers
  • Fixed issues with bib export, including the handling of accented characters
  • Improved import of bib files
  • Improved Altmetric linking
  • If you’re having trouble with Asian language articles, the Asian language pack can now be reinstalled within Preferences

Version 2.18.13287 (3/4/2016)

  • Fixed a bug where some synced references are mislabelled as [BOOK] type
  • Fixed bugs with manual reference creation and syncing
  • Fixed a bug preventing touchpad scrolling of the left menu panel
  • Improved sync performance
  • Improved handling of duplicate imports from search

Version 2.17.13221 (2/15/2016)

  • Fixed a bug with touchpad scrolling
  • Improved syncing of manually
  • Created references
  • Fixed a bug where journal name was not synced

Version 2.17.13207 (2/10/2016)

  • Fixed a problem with incorrect dates listed for article annotations
  • Improved display of manually created references
  • Improved display behavior for unidentified articles pdf filename is now shown

Version 2.17.13183 (2/2/2016)

  • Improved sync
  • Improved pdf enhancement
  • Clarified required fields for manual reference creation/metadata edits a title and author name are required
  • Added the option to remember login credentials for manually inputted ezproxy
  • Fixed issues with bib file import/export
  • Fixed a bug with missing journal name in ris imports
  • Fixed a bug with missing page number metadata in articles imported from ReadCube Search

Version 2.16.13118 (12/24/15)

  • New ReadCube search engine option added to the Search section
  • Added ReadCube Search as a third search provider option in the “Help ReadCube Resolve” dialog for identifying pdfs just select ReadCube using the lower left dropdown menu
  • Improved support for books and book chapters, including automatic [BOOK] tag before the title pdf files that cannot be renamed/moved are now listed in the File Management section of Preferences
  • Improved automatic library database backups/restorations if the current one is corrupted for some reason, ReadCube will offer to restore the previous session’s database
  • Optimized app speed #tags are now listed alphabetically in the left panel
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the library search “hashtag” filter from working properly
  • Fixed a bug with deleted (sub)lists not syncing properly and reappearing
  • Fixed a bug that prevented cloud downloading of unidentified articles synced from another device
  • Fixed a bug preventing receipt downloading from Preference Purchases
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.14.13046 (11/6/15)

  • Added workaround for a known Adobe AIR issue that could cause app crashed

Version 2.14.12997 (10/15/15)

  • New ReadCube Pro feature: automatic file system management based on article metadata, automatically rename and sort imported/downloaded pdfs with customizable folder/naming templates
  • New ReadCube Pro feature: (hash)tagging add one or more #tags to references and access them quickly with the new Tags lists in the left menu panel
  • New list for Unsorted articles (those not in any other list) in the left menu panel improved automatic PDF identification
  • Improved PDF download process, in general and with institutional ezproxy
  • Improved library sorting
  • Improved library search speed, indexing, and behavior of search terms editing
  • Improved multiple aspects of PDF Enhancement (inline citations, author names/emails and automatic supplement downloads)improved behavior of article removal from parent and nested lists removing a reference from a nested sublist will also remove it from the parent list view, and vice versafixed a bug where author first and last names were ordered incorrectly with Endnote exports
  • Added support for additional reference types for Endnote imports, incl. Conference papers
  • Fixed a bug where library search would sometimes stop working
  • Fixed a bug where unresolved pdfs synced from a mobile app do not display
  • Fixed an issue with the rental timer not showing on Checkout Rental articles
  • Fixed a bug with the library reindex tool in Preferences
  • Fixed a bug where simultaneous import of a main article PDF and its supplemental PDF could cause loss of the file attachments fixed a bug with smartcite displaying an incorrect library article count
  • Improved sync
  • Optimized general app performance and responsiveness

Version 2.13.12910 (9/25/15)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause library search to stop working
  • General improvements to the library search feature

Version 2.12.12766 (8/11/15)

  • Improved library search now it's faster and easier than ever to search your library and find the exact article you need
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a list to empty when renested within the same parent list
  • Fixed a bug with endnote xml imports
  • Improved annotation syncing

Version 2.11.12719 (8/3/15)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented folder imports and file system browsing in the Import screen
  • Retroactive fix to change downloaded PDF file names from “Untitled Article…” to the correct naming convention
  • Fixed other misc. Bugs

Version 2.09.12658 (7/16/15)

  • Fixed an issue with Google Scholar search new Google Captcha supported (just complete the Captcha process in the app to continue using Google Scholar)
  • Fixed a bug that named downloaded PDF files “Untitled article...”

Version 2.08.12610 (7/10/15)

  • Manually added references can now be exported with the standard options (Endnote, .bib, .ris)
  • Improved .bib file imports
  • Fixed issue with references displaying with different list positions when synced between the desktop and mobile apps
  • Sync improvements
  • Fixed Recommendations bug
  • Squashed bugs and made performance improvements

Version 2.07.12520 (6/11/15)

  • Citation export functionality added to the rightside Cite panel export quickly to Endnote or a .bib/.ris file
  • Added PMID field to the manual article resolution/identification interface
  • Fixed a bug with pages being out of order when printed
  • Fixed bugs with missing author names with .bib file import/export
  • Fixed a bug that prevented loading of previously purchased articles from the Purchases section of Preferences
  • Bug fixes and improvements to sync
  • Improvements to Watch Folders
  • General performance improvements

Version 2.06.12359 (6/2015)

  • Lists with nested sublists can now be collapsed
  • Improvements to sublists (parent list display refresh, removing sublist references)
  • Added clickable pmid and doi numbers/links to the top of the right abstract panel
  • New preferences section support with links to customer support and advanced troubleshooting features (*please contact prior to using the log/database upload tools)
  • New library export features in the support section, available in both readcube archive and .bib formats for backup and migration purposes
  • Sync improvements and fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect/mismatched publication dates
  • Fixed bugs affecting manual metadata editing
  • Improved pdf downloading
  • General performance optimizations and misc. Bug fixes
  • New link to the readcube bootcamp video series click the video button in the lower left toolbar
  • Smartcite now requires opting in as a beta tester in the main app Preferences SmartCite section

Version 2.05.12117 (4/1/2015)

  • Improved inapp PDF downloading
  • Improved handling of sciencedirect downloads, plus a notification will alert you when you do not have full text access
  • Fixed an issue preventing update of article display after manual metadata edits
  • Improved computer memory usage
  • Sync improvements
  • Misc. Bug fixes

Version 2.04.12037 (3/13/2015)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented smartcite from detecting an open Word document
  • Fixed a bug with creation of automatic lists based on folder names
  • Improved cloud sync performance
  • Improved automatic supplement downloading
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.04.11978 (2/26/2015)

  • Improved library imports from other programs (e.g. Zotero, papers) to fully support pdf attachments
  • Fixed an issue with google scholar search not working
  • Fixed an issue with missing google scholar search results
  • Fixed an issue with manual reference metadata editing
  • Fixed an issue with proxy downloads of open access articles
  • Fixed an issue with some proxy logins
  • Improved pdf download process, from publisher and nonpublisher sources
  • Improved enhancement process for pdfs
  • Fixed an issue with automatic supplement downloading
  • Improved formatting of citation in the right cite panel
  • Added remembering of previous list view/location
  • Improved display refresh of parent lists when sublists are added
  • Smartcite: fixed an issue with citations being erroneously linked to incorrect bibliography references
  • Smartcite: fixed an issue with an underscore character being added to the end of bibliographies
  • Sync improvements and bug fixes
  • General performance improvements

Version 2.04.11722 (12/19/2014)

  • Fixed bug that erroneously displayed Connection Error message

Version 2.04.11683 (12/9/2014)

  • Fixed bug that potentially affected library display affected library databases should automatically be fixed after the app updates
  • Fixed bug affecting the alphabetization of lists
  • Fixed bugs affecting sublist display
  • Minor tweaks to loading indicators throughout the app
  • Other bug fixes and improvements to syncing

Version 2.04.11655 (12/3/2014)

  • Sublists can now be added just use the regular list creation button or drag a list into another one
  • Fixed issue with missing journal name abbreviation fields imported/downloaded articles will include journal abbreviations
  • Npg sharing initiative access enabled in the share pane (displayed if you have the fulltext article)
  • Fixed sync errors from adding npg shared articles from the web reader (add to library)
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.03.11578 (11/14/2014)

  • External library importers for xml, bib, ris export file types
  • External library import supported for: endnote, mendeley, papers, zotero and refworks library export files and journal article, book, book section, generic, patent and web page reference types
  • Recommendations now provided for all users, including those with nonlife science libraries
  • Smartcite collaboration new temporary smartcite lists created in the desktop app that include all references cited in a manuscript, for easy viewing and importing into a user’s personal library
  • Manual reference addition, including attaching pdfs
  • Manual editing of reference metadata any edits will be used for smartcite citations/bibliographies
  • Ability for users to flag incorrect/incomplete article metadata resolution
  • Multiple smartcite bug fixes
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.02.11485 (10/24/2014)

  • Fix for issue affecting Rental/Cloud purchase downloads
    fix for peerj enhancement

Version 2.02.11474 (10/21/2014)

  • Compatibility update for Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed a bug that prevented SmartCite from correctly detecting an open Word document

Version 2.02.11413 (10/8/2014)

  • Fix for a sync issue affecting list merges
  • Fix for cloud/rental purchase issue
  • Minor fixes for other performance issues and bugs

Version 2.02.11261 (9/15/2014)

  • Web reader content (including all Checkout purchases) now sync to the desktop app for all users, including those who never had Pro/trial; requires Sync button click

Version 2.02.11190 (9/3/2014)

  • Added new tooltips to help introduce the major features of readcube
  • Option to restart the tooltip tour in the Preferences section of the app
  • New green progress indicator at the top of the app when downloading multiple articles from the readcube Cloud
  • Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.0.11043 (8/1/2014)

  • New smartcite section in the app Preferences
  • New smartcite features:
  • Ability to add and immediately use new citation styles directly within the Word plugin, in the right panel Cite tab of the app and in the new smartcite Preferences area
  • Also in the smartcite Preferences area: manage installed styles, set the default style, view the thousands available for immediate download or manually add a CSL file
  • In the Word plugin, you can now edit existing citation fields:
  • After clicking a citation to highlight it in gray and bringing up smartcite, you can add or delete references or rearrange their ordering
  • Added back the Referral button to recommend readcube to others opens for sharing with email, Facebook or Twitter
  • The down arrow loads more results in searches and recommendations
  • Doubleclicking a database search result listing will now attempt to download the PDF; metadata are always added to the library whether or not the PDF is downloaded
  • Reading locations are remembered when switching between the main article and supplemental documents
  • Multiple articles or entire lists can be queued for downloading from the cloud
  • When a search query type is changed (e.g. From “all” to “title”), the search results are automatically updated
  • Imported pdfs are now resolved from the topdown, with sorting and duplicateremoval occurring after resolution
  • Fixed a bug with selecting the left panel menu scrollbar
  • Various other performance improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.0.10716 (6/5/2014)

  • Various sync improvements
  • Notification and highlighting improvements
  • Direct download issues fixed
  • Improved connection between web reader and desktop

Version 2.0.10385 (4/29/2014)

  • Added a “Cited By”/Metrics feature which shows you citation metrics for the selected article
  • Basic “Cited By” counts are free on the abstract tab; detailed citation metrics along with clickable citing articles are a Pro feature
  • “Mentions” are included in the Pro Metrics tab see the context in which the article was cited
  • Added a “Related” button which shows you articles that are similar to the selected article
  • Added back an “Enhanced PDF” indicator to show you whether or not an article is enhanced
  • Added a “Share” tab which allows you to share an article on various social media platforms
  • Added a “Files” tab which allows you to easily view and attach supplementary files; this replaces the previous toolbar buttons for accessing supplements
  • Added back the “Cite” tab to enable quick copypaste of formatted citations
  • Added a mouse scrolling speed option to the general tab of the preferences menu.
  • Added back the “Reveal in Finder” or “Reveal in Windows Explorer” options in the rightclick menu and gear icon menu
  • Added back the “Relocate on disk” function in the rightclick menu and gear icon menuvarious sync fixes & optimizations.
  • Added a smartcite alert to notify Mac OS X users with Adobe CS3/CS4 programs to install an Adobe patch (CS3/CS4 programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator conflict with smartcite and requires an official patch from the Adobe website)

Version 2.0.10111 (4/4/2014)

  • Many sync updates/fixes
  • All existing synced libraries have been reset. While all indexed metadata is still available, all actual articles have been wiped from the cloud as part of an internal upgrade process. You will need to resync your library & upload your PDF files again.
  • Several Watch Folders bug fixes & updates
  • The Watch Folders function has been moved to the ReadCube Pro tab of Settings
  • Several colors are available for PDF annotation
  • Highlighted text and your PDF comments are now conveniently listed in the right panel, under the new My Notes section
  • Fullscreen viewing is now available
  • The sidebars can now have their sizes adjusted
  • Many UI changes
  • Fixed several bugs with import & resolution
  • Social media sharing and Altmetrics are now available in the right sidebar when viewing an article
  • Added "Refresh Metadata" option for articles in your library (available by right clicking entries or from the gear menu in the right panel)
  • Added support for recommendations by list
  • Several changes to the layout of the preferences menu

Version 2.0.9707 (3/7/2014)

  • The "Watched Folders" function is now available (see the "general" tab of your preferences menu).
  • Version 2.0.9637 (2/28/2014)
  • Fixed merging annotations in a single file
  • Removed flickering notice on application start.
  • Fixed article being created multiple times when downloaded
  • Added display notification to user if he has no permission to save an exported file.
  • Added handler for legacy annotations
  • Improvements to list performance
  • Fixes bug where resizing app doesn't resize library articles list
  • Fixed various bugs with how files were imported
  • Fixed issue where status expired shows as error in Pro preferences.
  • Fixed issue where dock would affect screen real estate possibly cutting save button in window.
  • Fixed to resort not called due to state being reset when sync or import has begun.

ReadCube Beta Releases:

Version 0.97.9649 (3/7/2014)

  • Fixes to downloading content through ReadCube's search engines for Springer, Frontiers, and other Science Direct journals.
  • New services
  • Lists will now be created based on folders used to import by default (can be turned off in preferences menu)

Version 0.97.9645 (2/28/2014)

  • Updated proxy server list
  • Updated article resolution cover
  • Updated inline references matching
  • Added support to Omics journals
  • Added support to Medknown articles
  • Fixed Scielo journal title
  • Added support for new Nature layouts
  • Updated highlighting function
  • Performance update
  • Nature download fix

Version 0.96.9593 (8/13/2013)

  • Improved automatic duplicate detection
  • Updated ReadCube Access functionality
  • Version 0.96.8013 (8/28/2013)
  • Added support for SFX endpoints (Harvard works by default, others can be userinputted)

Version 0.96.7902 (8/13/2013)

  • Multiple, selectable proxy endpoints now available (increases proxy support robustness)
  • Updated retina graphics

Version 0.96.7828 (7/26/2013)

  • Improvements, tweaks, bugfixes
  • Improvements to retina performance
  • Proxy support for new institutions added
  • Added full, unrestricted PDF purchasing for NPG articles

Version 0.96.7477 (6/13/2013)

  • Improvements to Enhanced PDF
  • Improvements to builtin search
  • Updated retina graphics

Version 0.95.6702 (5/07/2013)

  • Tweaks and bugfixes
  • ESC key now can close popup windows (e.g. article page)
  • Improvements to Enhanced PDF
  • Additional EZProxy support
  • Retina UI elements added

Version 0.95.6809 (4/05/2013)

  • Robustness tweaks to EZProxy support
  • Search tweaks
  • Enhanced PDF tweaks

Version 0.95.6705 (3/20/2013)

  • Additional fixes to ScienceDirect Articles
  • Tweaks to Enhanced PDF
  • Improvements to Enhanced PDF reference matching articles

Version 0.95.6669 (3/15/2013)

  • Fixes to handling of PMC articles

Version 0.95.6648 (3/11/2013)

  • Added Retina support for PDF viewer
  • Added new highlighting tool option
  • Added ability to drag an open article into a list
  • Added support for locating PDF download links within certain aggregators (e.g. Ovid, EBSCO)
  • Proxy tweaks
  • Improvements to Enhanced PDF reference matching

Version 0.95.6011, 0.95.6019, 0.95.6024 (12/21/2012)

  • Bugfixes, UI tweaks

Version 0.95.5861, 0.95.5872 (12/6/2012) and 0.95.5953 (12/17/2012)

  • Support for individual purchases
  • Improved support for web purchases in desktop
  • Added "Connectors" preferences, and Microsoft Academic Search
  • Bookmarklet wide release
  • Simple citation export

Version 0.94.5648 (11/8/2012)

  • New position types available for registration
  • Enhanced PDF support for Palgrave

Version 0.92.5386 (10/16/2012)

  • Bookmarklet initial release
  • Added immediate view for some OA articles
  • Lists can now be alphabetized
  • Bugfixes and usability tweaks
  • Version 0.91.5090 (9/23/2012)
  • Support for more university proxies added
  • Added option to ignore GS captchas
  • Bugfixes

Version 0.91.4770, 0.91.4879 (8/30/2012)

  • Improved support for BMC
  • Improved GS support
  • University of Utah purchasing support added
  • Nature direct first page preview added

Version 0.90.4495 (8/6/2012)

  • ACS support added for Enhanced PDF

Version 0.90.4364, 0.90.4368, 0.90.4384 (7/24/2012)

  • Performance and support improvements to Enhanced PDF
  • Bug fixes and optimizations (specifically for GS search)

Version 0.90.4071 (6/27/2012)

  • Added listbased recommendation filtering
  • Added autofill for proxy credentials
  • Added preference option to select download folder
  • Performance enhancements to Enhanced PDF
  • Added 'relocate file' contextual option
  • ReadCube now restores open articles upon startup

Version 0.89.3879 (06/13/2012)

  • 10 million+ articles now supported for Enhanced PDF
  • Support added for non-PDF supplements
  • Added prompt to upgrade from AIR 3.3 (when applicable)

Version 0.89.3612 (05/16/2012)

  • Fixes and optimizations for Enhanced PDF (support for more PDF layouts, etc.)
  • Updated support for Google Scholar
  • Added clickable author names (trigger search or correspondence)
  • Additions to supported proxy list

Version 0.89.3285 (04/18/2012)

  • Optimizations and performance tweaks

Version 0.89.3017 (04/02/2012)

  • Optimizations and performance tweaks
  • Added additional proxy support
  • Enhanced PDF improvements
  • Fixed download redirect loop bug

Version 0.89.2802 (03/20/2012)

  • Performance tweaks and bugfixes

Version 0.89.2267 (02/11/2012) & Version 0.89.2276 (02/12/2012)

  • Enhanced PDF now available for NPG, PLoS, PMC, Wiley articles
  • UI tweaks
  • Thumbnail pages added
  • Authenticated network proxy support added
  • Some EZProxy institutions added/fixed
  • Performance increases
  • PDF renderer now zooms out further
  • Pinch to zoom and two-finger side-scroll enabled for Mac touchpads

Version 0.88.1639 (1/13/2011)

  • Fixed Institutions list scrolling
  • Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Additional EZProxy support added

Version 0.88.1405 (12/24/2011)

  • Improved PDF Download URL locate function
  • Tweaks and Bug Fixes
  • Added feedback widget to Web Reader

Version 0.86.1145 (12/08/2011)

  • articles that are imported to ReadCube now come with clickable inline (and sidebar) references
  • Reengineered EndNote export for Mac Users
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes

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