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Release Notes for Papers 3 - version 3.0.35 (127) beta


  • Addresses an issue present in the previous Beta release (3.0.35 (126)) causing cached search results to sometimes appear together with actual imported publications in the user's library (Note this is resolved during a one-time operation on starting Papers - depending on the number of extra publications present in the library this may take several seconds to complete. Subsequent app launches will not be affected.)

  • Addresses an issue that caused PDFs and annotations to not be imported to the library when importing a Papers Archive file.


Exciting new features: Papers Online, improved synchronisation, scripting support

  • NEW! Free Papers Online services for the Mac, Windows and iOS, and your favourite web browser!

    • Share collections of papers with your colleagues.
    • Save papers for reading later in your Papers Online "Reading List". We have upcoming browser plugins for Chrome, Safari and Firefox for you to access and add to your reading list as well as the Mac or iOS app, and the web interface at
    • We are only getting started with adding online services to supplement your Papers experience. Please tell us what you think via!
  • NEW! Re-designed library synchronisation. After a careful look at the speed of and bandwidth use during library synchronisation, we rebuilt a much faster and more reliable data synchronisation experience and are now ready to release it. There is no longer a need for lock files either.

  • NEW! Scripting support: Papers can now be automated with AppleScript and, coming with OS X 10.10 later this year, with JavaScript. You can script fetching data from a Papers library, manipulating it, or execute commands such as import, export or match. Enjoy!

Improved stability and performance

  • Fixes an issue whereby book records would get presented with incorrect inspector fields.
  • Fixes an issue with importing papers from the "Related articles" view into your library.
  • Fixes an issue whereby updating the app would fail when using Papers with OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) Developer Preview.
  • Fixes a crash that could affect the app when importing or synchronising large amounts of data.
  • Fixes a rare crash when viewing papers with no associated type metadata (paper, book, etc).
  • Fixes a rare crash when attempting to open corrupt PDFs in Papers.
  • Fixes a rare crash caused by using Papers 3 for Mac together with Papers 3 for Windows beta version.

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