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Release Notes - Papers 3 for Windows version 3.0.38

New features

  • Improved touch support, especially in the PDF reader where the user can now swipe to scroll and pinch to zoom. More improvements will be made in the future releases.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • User interface improvements in the Reader screen. You can now close any opened tab from the dropdown.
  • Mendeley integration: When importing your Mendeley library, collections, annotations and keywords (tags) are now included.
  • When changing the paper type in the Info tab, the Overview tab now correctly presents the updated type.
  • Improved search queries for PubMed.
  • Fixes a rare crash that could happen while changing the selected paper and previewing PDFs with annotations.
  • Sorting papers by certain metadata fields has been improved (author, imported date, published date, rating, etc).
  • The inspector now shows metadata reliably for Smart Collections.
  • Filtering papers with or without PDF in the library now works reliably.
  • It's now possible to edit the book associated with a book chapter.
  • The read status icon now correctly updates after any changes done in the inspector.
  • The imported date field is now presented in the Columns view mode.
  • Main window remains within the screen bounds on High-DPI screens.
  • When importing a Papers archive, nested collections are imported correctly.
  • Opening an existing library created on another device now works correctly.
  • Importing PDF files using the Import/Export menu at the bottom of the screen now works reliably.
  • When exporting a library to a RIS or BibTeX file, books are exported correctly.
  • Search results are correctly sorted by ranking.
  • Better file path handling when importing papers with very long titles.
  • Keywords are now imported correctly from a Papers archive.
  • Small improvements on the Grid view mode.
  • General stability and bug fixes.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Other small user interface improvements.

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