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Release Notes for Papers 3 - version 3.2.9 (298) beta

New Features

  • Library: The Activity tab in the Inspector now includes altmetrics data provided by Bookmetrix for books and book chapters.

Performance & Stability

  • Application launch: No longer crashes on launch when indexing library items under rare circumstances.
  • Application launch: Addresses a cause for a crash on application launch under rare circumstances.
  • Application launch: Papers 3 for Mac no longer hangs on launch, which was experienced by some users running Papers 3 for Mac version 3.2.8 (281).
  • Annotations: It is again possible to enter characters requiring multiple keystrokes into sticky notes.
  • PDF text search: No longer crashes when toggling the Hide/Show Cover Page view menu option while PDF search results are visible.
  • Reader: No longer crashes when moving a tab into the first position on the Reader screen.
  • Syncing: Improves syncing reliability.
  • Syncing: Improved error handling during syncing.
  • Syncing: Papers 3 for Mac no longer hangs when syncing under rare circumstances.
  • Search: Improvements to Spotlight search index building and verification.
  • Search: Improvements to Spotlight search index performance and stability.
  • Library: Improves database handling during Dropbox syncing.
  • Library: Improves library integrity checking functionality.
  • Library: Improves Spotlight Search Index handling and error recovery.
  • Library: Prevents library items from becoming impossible to move to Trash in certain circumstances.
  • Annotations: PDFs moved to the library from the Reading List can be annoted.
  • Related articles: Better metadata and PDF fetching when importing a related article into the library.
  • Syncing: Increases the frequency of syncing when the "Automatically sync new changes" option is selected.
  • Application updates: Provides better feedback if an update fails to extract.
  • Application updates: Papers 3 for Mac no longer attempts (and fails) to update in the background after migrating from a Papers 2 for Mac library that had "Automatically Install Updates in Background" enabled.

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