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Release Notes for Papers 3 - version 3.2.5 (219) beta

Performance & Stability

  • Reader: Closing the last open tab using the ⌘W keyboard shortcut no longer results in a crash.
  • Reader: Switching to other modes from the Reader using the ⌘1 … ⌘5 keyboard shortcuts no longer results in a crash.
  • Papers Online: Improvements to error handling when signed in to Papers Online.

Changes from the previous 3.2.5 (217) beta release:

New Features

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Adds "Add Review" & "Add Keywords" menu items (keyboard shortcuts ⇧⌘R and ⇧⌘K respectively) under the "Paper" menu, previously available in Papers 2.

Performance & Stability

  • Paper management: Choosing "New Paper → From Reference…" when viewing a paper in the Reader no longer results in a crash.
  • Reduces the likelihood of app crashes in rare circumstances, for example when editing note annotations.
  • Papers Online: Changes to star rating, color labels or general notes for papers in Papers Online collections are now shown consistently.
  • Library Search: Complete library metadata is now available when using the Search tab and "Papers Library" as the search engine.
  • Multiple authors or keywords can now be added or deleted without the "Add Author" & "Add Keyword" pop-over views being dismissed automatically.
  • Library Export: All exporters now respect currently-selected papers regardless of which tab is selected, rather than only exporting any previously-selected papers in the Library tab.
  • Dragging a metadata file onto the Overview inspector for a paper will now correctly offers the ability to replace the paper's metadata.
  • Citekeys are now unlocked when they are deleted, reverting back to a universal citekey. Previously, blank citekeys would be exported.
  • Spotlight Indexing: When switching to a different library, the Spotlight Search Index is automatically re-built if one does not exist.
  • When closing the last paper in the Reader tab, the app will now return to the previously open tab before entering the Reader.
  • QuickLook improvements: More filetypes are now compatible for previewing via QuickLook within Papers 3 for Mac.
  • Improved handling of non-roman characters that require multiple keystrokes to type (such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters).
  • Improved Library search bar typing responsiveness on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Minor UI tweaks to menus & layout.

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